Rebecca is a Certified Addiction Counselor (Level 2) with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies and is a Psychotherapist in the State of Colorado. Rebecca specializes in individual and group therapy for First/Emergency Responders struggling with Substance Abuse issues. Rebecca is currently completing her Masters in Clinical Counseling at the University of Northern Colorado, with an anticipate graduation in January 2019. 

Rebecca's Professional Career ...

18+ years Law Enforcement (13 years in Investigations Divisions with 8 years specializing in Domestic Violence)
11+ years of presentation, teaching and curriculum development in Domestic Violence and Criminal Justice College programs.

Rebecca's skills in the field have earned 6 Police Chief / LAC Commendations and Awards, plus Employee of the Year in the City of Arvada in 2009. 

Amongst many other skills, Rebecca has been certified in the following areas: State Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Trainer; Death Penalty Team Mitigation; Shoot Team; Crisis Intervention; along with extensive training in Interview and Interrogation, Homicide and Death Investigations, plus Fraud and Complex Crime. 


As a philanthropist ...

Rebecca has founded and continues to chair/serve several community benefit programs since 2006, including:

  • Responder Strong™ - a collaboration of Emergency Responders working in collaboration with the National Mental Health Innovation Center to create a platform for mental wellness that serves emergency responders across the state. Members come from law enforcement, EMS, dispatch, fire, and their advocates.
  • Lighting up the Holidays program. A gift-giving program for children at Christmas
  • Phoenix Breakfast for survivors of domestic violence
  • Ending Violence Against Women (EVAW)


As an entrepreneur and specialist advisor ...

Since early 2014, Rebecca Allanson Consulting has provided specialist industry advice and training, including tailored curriculum development and keynote speech presentations across the US, as well as international engagements in Australia.

Rebecca is a recognised industry leader and Colorado State certified trainer/instructor in Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Strangulation, Stalking and Stalking Technologies. She has been recognized amongst Colorado emergency responder agencies as a expert and resource on Substance Abuse in the Emergency Responder profession. Rebecca provides training, education and consultation in these areas. 

Several educational facilities utilise Rebecca's knowledge and expertise to improve their educational programs in Criminal Justice, where Rebecca provides instruction, curriculum advice, and general consultancy; especially in her specialised field of Domestic Violence. 


Featured Documentaries and Professional Links ...

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Ending Violence Against Women (EVAW) Team

Arvada Police Department

Domestic Violence Specialist for Castle Rock, Lone Tree and Parker Police Departments

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